Community services index

Pre-referral guidelines for primary care providers

Parenting support

  • Centacare - public family support services for families and children
  • Child and Family Services - public family support services for families and children
  • Pinarc Parent Support Coordinator - for children with disabilities
    • Central Highlands (Bacchus Marsh to Ararat), Rebecca Paton, 53291361
  • Wimmera Uniting Care - public family support services, mental health, disability support, youth programs and more
  • Child First - community based family support services for high risk families
    • East Grampians (Ballarat, Ararat), 1300783341,
    • West Grampians (Horsham, Stawell), 1800195114
    • Goldfields (Maryborough), 54401147
    • website

Parenting support - infant sleep and settling, breast feeding

  • Maternal Child Health Nurse
  • Perinatal support and mental health services
  • Day stay and Mother-Baby Unit inpatient facilities
  • note - PEHP (Perinatal Emotional Health Program) no longer receives government funding
  • Breast feeding support / lactation consultant (53204977, 0439981937)
    • Breast feeding resources:
    • Inpatient services at BHS Monday to Friday 0800-1630
    • Outpatient Breastfeeding Clinic at BHS Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays 0900-1700 by appointment.
    • Drop-in Breastfeeding Support on Thursdays 0900-1530 at the Parent Place (corner Sturt and Albert Streets Ballarat Central). No appointment is necessary.
    • Health Professionals can also speak to a Lactation Consultant for advice regarding a breastfeeding mother or baby in their care.

Parent support groups

  • Pinarc Disability Support 53291361 (Rebecca Paton - Parent Support Coordinator)
    • Bacchus Marsh
      • Bacchus Marsh Disability Parent Connection Group
    • Ararat
      • Ararat & District Carer Support Group
    • Ballarat (1828 Sturt Street, Alfredton)
      • Autism Parent Connection Group 
      • NDIS Parent Support Group
      • SCODA (Supporting Carers or Disabled Adults)

Education resources

  • Department of Education and Training
    • Ballarat Office 53378444, includes:
      • School psychologist support
      • Engagement & re-engagement services
        • sensory attachment - de-escalation and
        • equine therapy - depression, anxiety, maladaptive behaviour, incarceration
        • drumbeat - 6-8 weeks: peer pressure, bullying, emotions, identity, teamwork
        • other: mentoring, swimming, martial arts
    • Program for Students with Disabilities (funding for children with i) physical disabilities, ii) visual impairment, iii) hearing impairment, iv) severe behaviour, v) intellectual disability, vi) autism spectrum disorder and/or vii) severe language disorder).
      • note that specific learning disorders do not qualify for funding.
  • Catholic Education Office
    • Ballarat Office 53377135
    • Students with Disabilities (funding for children with i) chronic health impairment, ii) visual impairment, iii) hearing impairment, iv) severe behaviour, v) intellectual disability, vi) social/emotional disorder and/or vii) severe language disorder).
  • CAST (CAMHS and schools together) 53203030
  • Engagement and Re-engagement Services (in addition to those above)
    • DOTS (Delivering other training) 0467502000
      • Grade 6-year 12, Dag Dean Reserve,
    • REAL school 0477320009
      • Year 7+, bridging course back into school, esp. for bullied/unwell kids, online learning, home tutor 1x/wk
    • Y2 53395012
      • 12-16yo, Yuille Park, structured learning around students needs
    • UB Tech
      • 15-19yo, UB, SMB Campus, Lydiard St
    • Link-up 53365005
      • 11-20yo, BLX, 36 Camp St
    • Flash Drive 53399537
      • 11-21yo, computer based, good for ASD esp. boys, life skills
    • Berry St 53305000
      • Education programs including art, music, core subjects, about $75/hour, also supportive accommodation & emergency support, 728 Barkly St Ballarat
  • Pinarc Disability Support - Education Advisors 53291398
    • Central Intake, 1828 Sturt Street, Alfredton 3350


  • Cyndi Nunn, Special Needs Tutor, website, Ballarat 0419117550
  • Kip McGrath, website, Ballarat 53400422
  • Aldon Tutoring Centre, website, Ballarat 53321499
  • Nathalie Parry, Educational Consultant, Woodend 0490103417
    • includes provision of learning assessments


  • Ballarat Health Services 53204000
    • Drummond Street North, Ballarat
  • Wimmera Health Group 53819111
    • Audiology Department, Baillie Street, Horsham