ATSI services index

Services for Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander patients & families

Hospital based


Community based

Aboriginal Cooperatives

  • BADAC - Ballarat and District Aboriginal Cooperative (Ballarat, Ph: 53315344)
    • Baarlinjan medical clinic
    • Active lifestyle program, including gymnasium
    • Koori family services (early years/playgroup, kinship care, Aboriginal Family Lead Decision Making)
    • Home and community care
    • Emergency housing
    • Drug & alcohol rehabilitation support
    • Social & emotional wellbeing program
    • Justice support
  • Goolum Goolum Aboriginal Cooperative (Wimmera region - Horsham, Ph: 53816333)
    • Medical clinic, podiatry, diabetes education, women's health, counselling
    • Community activities
  • Budja Budja Aboriginal Cooperative (Halls Gap, Ph: 53564751)
    • Cultural, medical, health and well-being services

Other services (with Ballarat local contacts)

  • VACSAL (Victorian Aboriginal Community Services Association Ltd) Ph: 43080781 (Tony Lovett)
    • advocacy work and community service development
  • VACCA (Victorian Aboriginal Child Care Agency) Ph: 53327834
    • family welfare, protecting the rights of children, parenting programs & services
  • RAJAC (Regional Aboriginal Justice Advisory Committee) Ph: 43017102 or 0408574679 (Jon Kanoa)
    • advocacy & improved justice outcomes, regional justice plans, cross agency partnerships
  • VAEAI (Victorian Aboriginal Education Association Inc.) Ph: 43080780 or 0438509153 (Tony Lovett)
    • advice on education issues, monitoring education trends, education advocacy
  • VALS (Victorian Aboriginal Legal Service) Ph: 0400118392 (Danny Ilsley)
    • referrals, advice/information, duty work or case work assistance
  • AHV (Aboriginal Housing Victoria) Ph: 94032100 (Pauline Smith)
    • assistance with housing issues